Designed for craziest operations, on-site repairs or hauling other spaceships but also obtaining precious materials and goods from wrecks that are beyond any repair.

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Recovery class spaceship

A spaceship that is specialized in cosmic Search&Rescue missions. Or... Perfect for scavenging, if it's already too late for the rescue. Goblin is a beautiful sight, especially when you're drifting through the space in a ship that has been badly damaged... Goblin is designed for Search&Rescue operations, giving you the means to provide aid to the ones in need - whether that's an on-site repair or piggyback ride back home. If you're not a helping type of person, or the situation is too FUBAR to deal with, you can always scavenge through the remains of what you have found. Finders keepers, losers weepers, right?

Base params


60.0 m
20.0 m
19350 kg

Operating at


102.4 kPa
7800.0 A
250.0 K