Ready for a trip to space?

It's absolutely up to you on how you want to experience the wonders of virtual space in the PE31 star system...

About space travel in VR

You can now explore the virtual world of Astronation and visit any planet or moon in the PE31 star system. Beyond the travel routes, lies an endless virtual world, where you can farm resources, produce new items, ships, and much more!

Enter the VR native, open, persistent world. Interact in real-time with other inhabitants of an endless star system. The virtual galaxy of Astronation gives you the flexibility to be who you want to be. It's absolutely up to you on how you want to roll & experience space in the PE31 star system...

Buy a spaceship from Astronation's GSS

Upon arrival to PE31 system, colonists quickly noticed that there were very few shipyards operational. Only the core GSS shipyards are powered, but this is about to change. Soon CPO-1 modules will be deployed on star stations allowing anyone to build their own spaceship!

Choose your travel route

Introduction to the virtual world of Astronation

Discover the PE31 star system

Learn about the space travel, star, planets, asteroids and other natural wonders of the PE31 star system.

Estimated Time: 10+ minutes
#space #tutorial #physics #nature

Ever tried trading NFTs in space?

From Verde to Artstation

Visit the art exhibition in space and get yourself an NFT of artwork selected and highlighted by the community.

Estimated Time: 15+ minutes
#space #nft #space-station #trading

Socialize and meet other space explorers!

Pathfinder stations

Visit various pathfinder communities to enjoy out-of-this-world music or grab a souvenir from a local space artist.

Estimated Time: 20+ minutes
#space #community #space-station

Discover the storyline of Astronation...

Recolonization of space

Take a closer look at Verde and how humanity has started building this green paradise world.

Estimated Time: 30+ minutes
#space #story #research #exploration

About the virtual world of Astronation

Settlers of PE31 depend on star stations, providing local services. Right now, they are clustered at the orbit of Eir - one of the planet's Verde moon, but if you explore long enough you'll find more of them!

Get a spaceship, customize it according to your strategic goals and tactical preferences, then fly it to battle and shoot adversaries out of the sky or move precious goods, experiment, run recovery missions and more.

Your space reputation depends exclusively on the actions you choose to take, and what role you play in the events happening in the world. You'll find other pilots to cooperate with, but also space pirates that bring chaos and destruction.