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Choose the spaceship for your next cosmic adventure!

Type: Curley | Class: Scout

A unique reconnaissance design bringing stealth capabilities to the frontier. Brave souls piloting these ships are often found having unorthodox approach to law.

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Type: F01 Platform | Class: Bomber

Designed with combat in mind, whether on the offence, or the defence, when facing a hostile situation, it's better to outgun than be outgunned.

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Type: Goblin | Class: Recovery

Designed for craziest operations, on-site repairs or hauling other spaceships but also obtaining precious materials and goods from wrecks that are beyond any repair.

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Type: Tinn | Class: Cargo

Perfect for moving large quantities of goods in one go, with size allowing for installation of shields and armour thick enough not to worry about the pirates, or the load...

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Type: Wraith | Class: Universal

The most common ship enabling any pilots to face the outer space, capable of executing pretty much any task or mission you will stumble upon.

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