Perfect for moving large quantities of goods in one go, with size allowing for installation of shields and armour thick enough not to worry about the pirates, or the load...

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Cargo class spaceship

Basically a big flying truck. A best value for money allowing you to move lots of goods around the entire PE31 system. Inexpensive and reliable working mule that is ideal for transporting large quantities of goods and keeping them safe during the process. Recolonization of space requires hefty loads of goods to be moved around. Here's where the Tinn comes into play - inexpensive and reliable working mule that is ideal to do exactly this: bulk deliveries. When armed and under right command, Tinn can be the opponent to be reckoned with. With Tinn, completing cargo missions is easy peasy. Get yourself one now!

Base params


50.0 m
9.0 m
14200 kg

Operating at


52.4 kPa
475.0 A
220.0 K