F01 Platform

Designed with combat in mind, whether on the offence, or the defence, when facing a hostile situation, it's better to outgun than be outgunned.

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Bomber class spaceship

A heavy duty destroyer, capable of launching a devastating amount of firepower. Full-blooded fighter designed for one thing - wreaking havoc and despair to the ones who dare to stop you. When you're flying the F01 Platform, everyone knows you're being serious and ensure you're the one to be reckoned with across the whole PE31 system. Heavy armour gives the F01 Platform unparalleled resiliency to incoming fire, perfect maneuverability gives it almost unfair advantage in a dogfight. Whether in assault, or in escort, F01 Platform should greatly help you win the battle, and the ones to come.

Base params


30.0 m
12.0 m
17500 kg

Operating at


102.1 kPa
1800.0 A
260.0 K