The Station

Kreutz, a hobbyist engineer, with a band of friends, are trying to take over the Sentry deployed in PE31 system.

'Emission blockers have been deployed in this unit. Talk now.' - Kreuz was a hobbyist, still she was the best we had. On Earth, there are thousands of General Electronic points where you can pick blockers like that up. On Verde, you had to build one yourself.

All four of them were wearing dark green uniforms representing their scientific role in the Verdean society. All were standing with their backs turned to each other. Words sank into the silence.

'Alright. Let's use those asteroids of ours and get the word spread. The droids have absolutely no data on what is going on and let's keep it that way. Kreuz will give us the go ahead via the voicecom as soon as the Emergency Link of the Sentry is down. After that we start setting up the station. Questions?'

Everything was clear. Yrvin knew it. Someone might be confused about some minor detail, but besides the extreme security measures they took, the risk was always minimal. Droids were not completely autonomous and so it was just a matter of taking a path that is inconceivable for them. Yrvin's plan was simple: take over the sentry that was automatically deployed in PE31, the star system containing Verde.

The sentry had several communication links active, enabling communication and basic supply chain with the planet's surface, but also the one they were particularly interested in: Emergency Link. Its destruction meant that the Sentry cannot be remotely repositioned nor reprogrammed. It was here to stay.
Since Glazier's landing it served no purpose.There was also no reason to take it down. After the modification they are about to do to it, the Sentry will stay here for longer. They will guarantee droids will not interfere with its operations and will unwillingly continue supporting their venture into space.

After a moment of silence they all left to board the Wraith ships they flew in from Verde. Each of them had a piece of the first space station that will soon be built in the PE31 star system.
Yrvin was setting up the skeleton of the station with a set of thirty six thick silica tubes he stored on the asteroid and a power beam he mounted on his Wraith. Gorei was supposed to get the space ray shielding but he was unable to make droids do deep space equipment.
Even disguised as a diving boat and rock melting drill. He finally settled with recovery of the remaining coating of Glazier.

Stansky was delivering the station's infrastructure. For the past month she was collecting and flying up here all sorts of things she could get her sticky hands on. She was using some sort of an invention she call Asteroid Attachment Method to keep her stuff in place and in very large quantities.

As a hobbyist hacker, among many... Kreuz gave life to all of this machinery.

Get your ship together

Brave settler

Apply 'Can do' attitude to any situation with the proper toolset you just happen to be flying.

Safe trader

Move tons of goods. Don't worry about pirates once your shields and armor are upgraded!

Genius scientist

Experiment with matter and energy, achieve the unbelievable... The sky was never the limit!

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