The Beginning

Nolan Wolf, second class cadet ID 4750, finds out things have changed.

'Wake up 4750, time to wake up' - soft, sensual voice pierced through the mist clouding my consciousness.

I started to feel pleasant waves of warm light passing through my body and slowly opened my eyes. The light in the room was dim, which was good, as my eyes were two balls of suffering. It took me a while to focus my gaze just to see face in front of mine. A woman's face. Pretty one. Actually - astonishingly attractive.

'That's it, good job' - I heard her soft voice as I tried to regain control over my body.

'Do you remember your name?' - she asked. Suddenly flashes of memory started to form in my memory. My name was somewhere there, but I could quite grasp it.

'Your name' - she repeated with the hint of suggestion that if I don't answer her question - she won't allow me to get back to rest.

Suddenly, I knew who I was, but I realized something else, what made me feel really sad. She's not real I thought and suddenly I wanted to crawl back into my Coffin, which held me in warm and safety for last half of the Earth year. Just for a moment, just to lay down and take a quick nap. A month maybe, one short month would be enough to get some rest.

'No, no no! It's time to get up, not to fall into sleep' - she said and I felt her soft hand helping me stand on my feet. I thought of fighting her back but I knew that she was only following protocol. Besides, she was probably strong enough to carry me out from here. Or to break my arm if I try to resist her.

When I stood up on my feet I felt dizzy and had to lean on her perfect body, just to regain my balance. She was soft, her skin radiated with warmth, she smelled with some kind of oriental flowers, youth and promise. She... Or, should I say IT, was just perfect.

'So, what's your name?' - she asked again with a smile of such positive attitude, that I immediately felt an urge to punch her with my fist right in her perfect, ruby lips. This thought made me alive for a moment, but instead I just focused on not falling on the floor. My whole body was trembling. I gave up.

'Nolan' - I replied. 'Nolan Wolf, second class cadet, ID 4750' - the answer I had to give so many times popped out of my memory without a will.

'Not any more' - she said with another smile that left me wanting to kiss her.

'Your training is over. Welcome back Nolan Wolf - Pilot first class of Galactic Space Squadron.'

Pack - Nolan Wolf

I knew I should be excited. Everybody was. Some couldn't fall asleep, others would complain about the dizziness and sweating after hibernation. Chatting whole night about all this wonders waiting up there. I couldn't fall asleep either.

A thought that soon I will leave this wretched planet kept me awake long time into night. Finally I gave up, made quick adjustment on my MEDsense and drowned into sleep immediately.

Morning was awfully perfect. As always. Crystal clear sky, warm breeze sweeping through perfectly humid air welcomed me when I emerged with the rest of my Pack from our dorm.

'Welcome cadets' - tall, slender shape of second lieutenant Kerr greeted us as we emerged into dining garden. Tables set across big school yard, with fruit trees of all kinds planted here to give pleasant shade. She, no surprise, looked perfect. I pictured her for a while as a doll wrapped out from ruby ribbons every morning just to live another day of her perfectly arranged life, and going back to shield box every evening just to make sure her perfect brown hair won't be disturbed by something that is not well arranged. But in here - there was no such things.

Except me. And Snikket.
And Andrea.
We were misfits.
That's why they chose us.
That's why we volunteered.

'Enjoy your meal' - said lieutenant Kerr with encouraging smile which made me wonder what kind of meds did she distributed to herself today.

'As this is the last meal you will ever enjoy' - I heard solemn voice of Snikket next to me. It made me feel better right away. Snikket with his 20kg overweight, wide face, covered with blotches - was at least terrifying to most of people of our new home, Verde. And the fact that he didn't allow anybody to correct his appearance - not even a single small blain, not to mention his weight or lack of muscles - made them afraid of him as much as I adored his stubborn disgust for so common perfection.

I heard Andrea laughing to my right, which made me feel even better.
'Let's eat, you sons of Destiny' - she said mimicking pathetic voice of high Matriarch Urrey.
'Today we graduate, and tomorrow...' - she paused and all of us look up to Halo station orbiting over our heads.
'Tomorrow we are free' - I said with tears in my eyes.

Get your ship together

Brave settler

Apply 'Can do' attitude to any unearthly situation with the proper toolset you just happen to be flying.

Safe trader

Move tons of goods. Don't trouble yourself with pirates once your shields and armor are thick enough!

Genius scientist

Experiment with matter and energy and achieve unbelievable results... Sky was never the limit for you!

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