The Arrival

Nolan wakes up from the hibernation, cursing Ralph for hacking his dreams. Then, as expected, the unexpected happens...

Verde... the dream that is soon to become a reality.
As soon, as we reach the PE31 star system.
As soon, as we get de-hibernated.
As soon, as we go through the bio-adaptation procedures.
As soon, as I get this goddamn MBC to work properly and stop feeding my visual cortex with those goddamn pink unicorns! If I knew that Ralph is going to play his last practical joke on me by hacking the MBC to entertain me with this pop-shit I would have never asked him to re-flash it. I hope there are no unicorns on Verde.
Is it possible to develop a unicorn phobia during the hibernation? What if I'll be stuck with excessive pinkness for the rest of my days?
NNahh, not with the programmable MBC. I'll have to refresh the training mantras. That should help me get rid of these pink bastards after Glazier is grounded. Glazier, the most advanced spaceship humanity ever built, now packed with million of carefully selected human volunteers, is on its virgin route to the first human-colonized planet.
To Verde!

And instead of enjoying Cristie's soft-porn library Ralph promised me, I'm going through the farm maintenance manuals with pink unicorns and ponies flying around. How nice of him... Two hundred parsecs with unicorns. I wonder if this qualifies for some sort of a Guinness World Record. I'll have to down quite a few pints to stop seeing them everywhere.

Verde... the first planet colonized by unmanned spacecrafts. Thankfully, there was very little debate, if we should aim for PE31 or pick a different destination. It was so obvious. Verde's excellence in supporting human life has been widely known and stayed unmatched for years.
As soon as the droids confirmed on the life viability and low bio-contamination levels, it was just a matter of time for the congress to send humans there. Earth was just not enough for neither politicians nor population.

And here we are, the chosen million of settlers to put the first milestone in humanity's expansion into the universe. A half-dead city of somewhat crazy people closed in a huge iceberg drifting in the void of subspace. To reach for the unknown, each of us has left behind everything...

Trika, I hope she'll understand. I hope she'll find someone to love...


We had so much fun together, but recently she was such a pain in the ass. I think that we had it once. If only she wasn't so stubborn. She knew I was a dreamer from the very first night we've spent together on Venus.
She knew I'm not going to skip this chance.
Why Trika didn't board Glazier?
Even if she thought she is not ready... She would have loved Verde...

'Nolan Wolf!!'

She wasn't even nervous when we were holding hands walking the Glazier boarding ramp. But running away like that? Did she plan it? What was that about? Her hand was so soft... We had the chance to be happy together on Verde...

'Nolan Wolf!!!'

What the hell? Is this another bonus MBC feature from Ralph?

Nolan opened his eyes for the first time since he left Earth. His retinas were barely working, while his MBC was doing its job enhancing his natural senses and adding some pink marvels to it. During the two lengthy seconds, his confusion peaked while the unicorns continued jumping around a ghost like shape. Ponies disappeared and he was staring at a highly confused humanoid holding his hand and yelling at him.

'Nolan! We arrived!'

'Hhhaaarrghh!' - Nolan's throat didn't have any bio-chips and apparently months of hibernation didn't help his eloquence. He found himself lying down on what obviously was a medical bed. The android that woke Nolan up quietly nodded and quickly left the room.

He was alone... On Verde!

Things were familiar yet different. The bed he found himself in reminded of some old school camping gear, yet its material was very unusual. It was slick yet very sturdy. Reminded him of the industrial silicon he's seen in the factories.
Excited, he jumped off the bed to inspect other weird looking gear that was left in the room.
His muscles were not yet ready for a prime time though.

So called 'Nolan's fall' was one of the first case studies attempting to reduce the mortality rate among the settlers who arrived on Verde. Nolan was one of the first few, among many others, who died marking this first completed milestone in humanity's colonization of the universe.

Get your ship together

Brave settler

Apply 'Can do' attitude to any situation with the proper toolset you just happen to be flying.

Safe trader

Move tons of goods. Don't worry about pirates once your shields and armor are upgraded!

Genius scientist

Experiment with matter and energy, achieve the unbelievable... The sky was never the limit!

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