A universal spaceship with all the gear you need to start your journey through the PE31H system.

Wraith is not the fastest ship. It's neither the deadliest nor the biggest. It is versatile to the bones, it can help you achieve almost anything and is cost-efficient. Finally, it's a fantastic foundation of a large-scale cosmic operations to build on.


Height: 9 m
Radius: 2,5 m
Mass: 8 440 kg


Composite: GC-2AI
Surface: 220 m2
Volume: 242 m3


Power: 101 400 Pa
Heat: 250 K
Energy: 250 A

Wraith class

A spaceship that is specialized in cosmic Search&Rescue missions. Or... Perfect for scavenging, if it's already too late for the rescue.


1x BA-5G beamer gun, 1x BX-102 gun mount, 2x i-35v thrusters

1x SGx300 shield, 1x BA-5W beamer guns, 1x BX-102 gun mounts, 2x i-40v thrusters

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