F01 Platform

Full-blooded fighter designed for one thing - wreaking havoc and despair to the ones who dare to stop you.

When you're flying the F01 Platform, everyone knows you're being serious and ensure you're the one to be reckoned with across the whole PE31H system. Heavy armour gives the F01 Platform unparalleled resiliency to incoming fire, perfect maneuverability gives it almost unfair advantage in a dogfight. Whether in assault, or in escort, F01 Platform should greatly help you win the battle, and the ones to come.


Height: 30 m
Radius: 10 m
Mass: 17 500 kg


Composite: TeX-7C
Surface: 3 142 m2
Volume: 13 614 m3


Power: 102 100 Pa
Heat: 260 K
Energy: 1 800 A

F01 Platform class

A heavy duty destroyer, capable of launching a devastating amount of firepower.

6x BA-5G beamer gun, 6x BX-102 gun mount, 2x i-35v thrusters
1x SV09 radar plate, 1x SGx300 shield, 1x NL-100 launcher, 6x BA-5W beamer guns, 6x BX-102 gun mounts, 2x i-40v thrusters

Get your ship together

Brave settler

Apply 'Can do' attitude to any unearthly situation with the proper toolset you just happen to be flying.

Safe trader

Move tons of goods. Don't trouble yourself with pirates once your shields and armor are thick enough!

Genius scientist

Experiment with matter and energy and achieve unbelievable results... Sky was never the limit for you!

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