As sleek and agile as a spacecraft can be, with a radar cross section profile of a cosmic dust, Curley makes an excellent scout.

An ultimate interplanetary reconnaissance vehicle, widely used to explore the PE31 system and discover its' darkest secrets. Flying an agile and stealth spaceship designed for covert reconnaissance operations, you'll have a complete picture of the situation without anybody even noticing your presence. And having knowledge about the whereabouts and whatabouts of your friends and foes is the key to prosperous and long life in space.


Height: 14 m
Radius: 3 m
Mass: 13 500 kg


Composite: SF-4
Surface: 377 m2
Volume: 509 m3


Power: 100 Pa
Heat: 20 K
Energy: 80 A

Curley class

Stealth and agile recon vessel. Ideal for those pilots who'd rather learn from and influence on the situation than engage directly.

1x SV09 radar plate, 2x i-35v thrusters
1x SV09 radar plate, 1x SGx700 shield, 2x BA-5W beamer guns, 2x BX-102 gun mounts, 2x i-45v thrusters

Get your ship together

Brave settler

Apply 'Can do' attitude to any situation with the proper toolset you just happen to be flying.

Safe trader

Move tons of goods. Don't worry about pirates once your shields and armor are upgraded!

Genius scientist

Experiment with matter and energy, achieve the unbelievable... The sky was never the limit!

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Type: Cargo

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Type: Research

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F01 Platform

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Items in Astronation world

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Dive Into Astro Mechanics

Your space reputation depends exclusively on the actions you choose to take, and what role you play in the events happening in the world. You'll find other pilots to cooperate with, but also space pirates that bring chaos and destruction.

Explore the virtual world and the PE31 star system. Farm resources, build asteroid mines, trade and defense systems, produce new items, ships, and more...

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