Endless space

Powered by deep physics transforming and moving every element in the virtual world and generating many effects similar to thermal, kinetic, electric, and our own special flavor of quantum woo.

Use your ship to acquire unique resources, discover and create new composites, or even forge new atoms!

Build a research center on a starbase to safely contain your experiments and to avoid disrupting your surroundings.

Acquire unique production know-how on how to morph and mix composites to achieve extraordinary performance.

Sandbox rich in materials and effects

Astronation is a space sandbox virtual reality world. You can expect a whole variety of ways to interact with it, including: farming, mining, deploying buildings, customizing ships, researching, trading, manufacturing and many more.

Get your dream spaceship

Virtual world of Astronation gives you the flexibility to be who you want to be. It's absolutely up to you on how you want to roll in PE31H system...

Get a spaceship, customize it according to your strategic goals and tactical preferences, then fly it to battle and shoot adversaries out of the sky or move precious goods, experiment, run recovery missions and more.

The existence of settlers in PE31H depends on starbases, clustered so far at the orbit of Eir - one of the planet's Verde moon. Perhaps some day you may wish to own one.

Introducing PE31H system

PE31H is a system of approximately 42 million kilometers in diameter with a bright yellow G-type main sequence star fueled with hydroin in its' centre.

Preview PE31H

Try it out!

You can board a spaceship provided on the expense of the Galactic Space Squadron and become a part of the virtual world of Astronation today, or you can also optionally support us with your donation.

Dive Into Astro Mechanics

Explore the virtual world and the PE31H star system. Farm resources, build asteroid mines, trade and defense systems, produce new items, ships, and more...

More on mechanics