Dive into mechanics

PE31 is filled by countless asteroids, unique locations, and opportunities. Still, explorers need to beware the nature, as outer space is full of surprises and it seems there is something lurking in the asteroid belt...

Explore the unknown and go further than others with a ship you can rely on! Outmaneuver larger ships with ease and punch them where it really hurts...

Be the first to discover the nature of the universe. Do the unthinkable for the better... or worse...

Get yourself an armored space truck to avoid wasting time flying between the manfacturer and the consumer numerous times...

Missions around another star

All deep space exploration and colonisation missions have one thing in common - plenty of work to be done. You can aid the Astronation community by completing various quests and get rewarded for it, with both goods and stats boost.

Galactic Space Squadron pilots have several types missions available:

  • Transportation: move cargo, provide transit services to crewmen and deliver dangerous goods.
  • Combat: bring havoc and destruction to your opponents and assault ships and bases for glory, revenge or for profit.
  • Research: explore and experiment to obtain better technology, sources of energy and to reveal the nature of universe.
  • Recovery: salvage wrecks, scavenge bases or help the ones in need to get to safety.
  • Mining and construction: mine asteroids, acquire rare materials, build vessels and outposts to make your mark in space.
  • Events: take part in exclusive events and compete with fellow Astronauts to collect rewards and reputation.
  • Story driven: follow up on what happened with the Glazier and the settlers embarked on their quest for ensuring survival of humankind.

Mission requests are broadcasted by starbases - simply dock to one and see what's on offer.

Get your ship together

Brave settler

Apply 'Can do' attitude to any situation with the proper toolset you just happen to be flying.

Safe trader

Move tons of goods. Don't worry about pirates once your shields and armor are upgraded!

Genius scientist

Experiment with matter and energy, achieve the unbelievable... The sky was never the limit!

Get credit only when it is due

Whatever happens, there's always a matter of competition and race for resources, especially when thrown into another star system.
Therefore, in order to be able to show how Astronauts are doing, a simple statistics model have been introduced to Astronation world.

Types of stats in Astronation:

  • Reputation: all your actions influence how you are perceived by the Astronation community. Your reputation is mapped to 'good-evil' scale (or 'decent-badass', if you will).
  • Kill count: as simple and mindless as death is - you shoot down someone and are able to prove it - your counter get's incremented.
  • Experience: any action completed within Astronation world would increase your experience points and help you with crafting goods of better quality.

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The story of space recolonization

It is year 2358. Earth is as polluted and overpopulated as never before, resources are pretty much gone, Nature is resisting and people are struggling for survival. Humanity's only hope is to reach for the stars and find a new place they could call home.
Many probes have been sent out in space. Years later, a new planet capable of sustaining human life has been identified in the PE31 system. It is so green it was called 'Verde'.

With the limited resources remaining, in the last heroic spurt, mankind managed to build the Glazier - a vast mothership filled with million of carefully selected settlers. These brave souls have only one substantial mission to fulfill - seed human life in space.
The action begins upon arrival at the orbit of Verde - at first glimpse the grand plan has worked out. But for whatever the reason, the Earth cannot be contacted... Are we alone here?