The Armory

Every GSS' spaceship can be customized according to your wishes and needs.

Take a look at the list of items available, including: thrusters, weaponry, shield generators and more.

Items in Astronation world

Five kinds of interchangeable items enhancing the capabilities of all classes of spaceships:


Thrusters are the engines of your vehicle - you need at least one to fly. They vary in terms of size, mass and output delivered. They can be stacked together to achieve better speeds and accelerations, which translates to less time spent in-travel and less chance of getting caught off guard. Don't want to float with your boat? Get yourself a biggie, or a few...

Name Figure Surface State


Height: 1,8 m
Radius: 0,8 m
Mass: 250 kg
Composite: GC-2AI
Surface: 17,09 m2
Volume: 5,76 m3
Power: 40,5 MPa
Heat: 450 K
Energy: 5 200 A


Height: 1,6 m
Radius: 0,7 m
Mass: 570 kg
Composite: GC-2AI
Surface: 13,19 m2
Volume: 3,90 m3
Power: 51,6 MPa
Heat: 400 K
Energy: 6 600 A


Height: 1,6 m
Radius: 0,8 m
Mass: 730 kg
Composite: GC-2AI
Surface: 16,08 m2
Volume: 5,36 m3
Power: 75,9 MPa
Heat: 450 K
Energy: 8 100 A


Height: 2,4 m
Radius: 0,65 m
Mass: 930 kg
Composite: TeX-7C
Surface: 15,11 m2
Volume: 4,34 m3
Power: 30,2 MPa
Heat: 1 200 K
Energy: 32 230 A


Beamers are the means to make your statement in space. They come in variety of size, mass and amount of damage they deal. Whether you play on the offense or defense - the bigger the gun the better. Don't let yourself be outgunned - bring more beamers for extra fun.

Name Figure Surface State


Height: 1 m
Radius: 0,5 m
Mass: 80 kg
Composite: TN-42B
Surface: 6,28 m2
Volume: 1,31 m3
Power: 0,71 MPa
Heat: 50 K
Energy: 830 A


Height: 3 m
Radius: 0,2 m
Mass: 212 kg
Composite: TeX-4B
Surface: 4,27 m2
Volume: 0,41 m3
Power: 0,91 MPa
Heat: 320 K
Energy: 50 KA


Height: 3 m
Radius: 0,32 m
Mass: 540 kg
Composite: TeX-3A
Surface: 7,32 m2
Volume: 1,1 m3
Power: 4,76 MPa
Heat: 710 K
Energy: 62 KA


Height: 3 m
Radius: 0,25 m
Mass: 420 kg
Composite: TeX-7A
Surface: 5,5 m2
Volume: 0,65 m3
Power: 4,25 MPa
Heat: 520 K
Energy: 95,5 KA


Height: 3 m
Radius: 0,5 m
Mass: 730 kg
Composite: TeX-7X
Surface: 12,57 m2
Volume: 2,88 m3
Power: 1,24 MPa
Heat: 230 K
Energy: 150 KA


Height: 3,7 m
Radius: 0,34 m
Mass: 1330 kg
Composite: TeX-7X
Surface: 9,36 m2
Volume: 1,51 m3
Power: 2,33 MPa
Heat: 440 K
Energy: 240 KA


Shields are your first line of defence when being fired upon. They will keep your spaceship intact until depleted. After that, it will start taking structural damage. Shield are produced by the shield generators that vary in terms of capacity, size, mass and recharge speed. Obviously, the greater capacity and shorter recharge speed, the better.

Name Figure Surface State


Height: 0,2 m
Radius: 0,1 m
Mass: 190 kg
Composite: TN-42A
Surface: 0,25 m2
Volume: 0,01 m3
Power: 100 KPa
Heat: 330 K
Energy: 40 KA


Height: 0,5 m
Radius: 0,15 m
Mass: 450 kg
Composite: TN-42A
Surface: 0,75 m2
Volume: 0,05 m3
Power: 100 KPa
Heat: 450 K
Energy: 80 KA


Height: 0,5 m
Radius: 0,25 m
Mass: 1100 kg
Composite: TN-42F
Surface: 1,57 m2
Volume: 0,16 m3
Power: 100 KPa
Heat: 300 K
Energy: 160 KA


These are the varying types of cargo containers and other items useful for trade. The more cargo containers you posess, the more cargo you can take onboard - this means less flights, less attention and less risk of being detected and intercepted.

Name Figure Surface State


Height: 6 m
Radius: 2 m
Mass: 185 kg
Composite: TeX-4H
Surface: 125 m2
Volume: 108 m3
Power: 20 KPa
Heat: 200 K
Energy: 450 A


Height: 18 m
Radius: 2 m
Mass: 555 kg
Composite: TeX-4H
Surface: 276 m2
Volume: 259 m3
Power: 20 KPa
Heat: 200 K
Energy: 450 A


Height: 1 m
Radius: 0,7 m
Mass: 72 kg
Composite: GC-11
Surface: 10,56 m2
Volume: 2,98 m3
Power: 10 Pa
Heat: 0 K
Energy: 2 A


Height: 3,7 m
Radius: 1 m
Mass: 214 kg
Composite: TeX-3A
Surface: 35,81 m2
Volume: 15,81 m3
Power: 320 KPa
Heat: 80 K
Energy: 315 A


All GSS' spacecrafts are equipped with basic radar to ensure the visibility of objects that are not within sight range. You can expand the radar's range and sensitivity by installing an extra radar plate on your ship - this will give you better orientation in space distance-wise, and will provide you with more detailed information about the detectable objects.

Name Figure Surface State


Height: 1 m
Radius: 0,5 m
Mass: 25 kg
Composite: TN-42F
Surface: 6,28 m2
Volume: 1,31 m3
Power: 250 Pa
Heat: 150 K
Energy: 3 200 A

Spaceships in Astronation world

Currently, there are six types of spaceships available:
Universal, Cargo, Fighter, Recovery, Research and Scout.
Each kind of the vehicle is better suited to complete a set of specific types of missions.

Dive Into Astro Mechanics

Your space reputation depends exclusively on the actions you choose to take, and what role you play in the events happening in the world. You'll find other pilots to cooperate with, but also space pirates that bring chaos and destruction.

Explore the virtual world and the PE31 star system. Farm resources, build asteroid mines, trade and defense systems, produce new items, ships, and more...

More on mechanics