Her Majesty The Queen of Ice

Santri's highlights

1 day
= 60 hrs

1 year
= 2849 days

654 mil kms

606 mil kms

Icy water & ammonia

Metallic hydrogen

Hydrogen & Helium

up to 300 kms/h


tidal forces

Known satellites


Type: Ice Giant

Order: 6th from PE31

Known Satellites: Driffer, Istarius, Katti

Mass: 7,12e27kg

Mean Radius: 123 000km

Mean Temperature: -140℃

Santri: Majestic colossal snowball

Santri is the outermost and the biggest known planet in the PE31 system. Enveloped by the wide pale stripes of icy rings, it is encircled by the three most massive moons in the whole system: Driffer, Istarius and Katti.

The PE31 star is too far away to warm up the planet's surface, so Santri's crust is covered with ice completely. But, the tidal forces generated by the enormous moons mentioned are strong enough to heat up the Santri's insides to create subsurface oceans of liquid water and ammonia.

Due to Santri's low rotation period, long-lived equatorial winds reaching speeds up to 300 kms/h stir up abundance of icy debris into the skies, causing a fog-like effect in the atmosphere.

Drop in for a royal visit and see the vast fields of ice with your own eyes...

Spaceships in Astronation world

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