A dead planet, where things can get dead serious

Passor's highlights

1 day
= 300 hrs

1 year
= 497 days

207 mil kms

186 mil kms

Basalt and silica


up to 350 kms/h

with lightnings

thick and dusty

Atmosphere composition:
Mainly CO2

Known satellites


Type: assive Rocky Planet

Order: 3rd from PE31

Known Satellites: Strofor, Flossit, Vindor

Mass: 4,63e26kg

Mean Radius: 195 500km

Mean Temperature: 45℃

Passor: a lifeless giant piece of rock

Passor is the third planet in the PE31 system. A second largest, huge piece of rock, overheated and freezing cold at the same time, as a day takes 300 hours there.

Huge dark spots on the surface suggest there was once water on the Passor. It is believed these are silica residues of once huge and deep, but now evaporated oceans. Something caused the runaway greenhouse effect. Now, the yellowish, methane-like clouds tumble through the skies. The winds gaining up on speed in a barely moving twilight zone, are causing enormous sandstorms around the whole globe. The Passor's dust is everywhere...

Three moons are orbiting Passor. These are Strofor, Flossit and Vindor.

Spaceships in Astronation world

Currently, there are six types of spaceships available:
Universal, Cargo, Fighter, Recovery, Research and Scout.
Each kind of the vehicle is better suited to complete a set of specific types of missions.