The gaseous furnace of doom that travelled...

Herco's highlights

1 day
= 7 hrs

1 year
= 183 days

111 mil kms

91,5 mil kms

carbon dioxide & sulfur dioxide

Molten iron

up to 700 kms/h

planetary rings



Known satellites


Type: Hot Jupiter

Order: nd from PE31

Known Satellites: Rikkit

Mass: 2,77e27kg

Mean Radius: 84 500km

Mean Temperature: 450℃

Herco: the belted world of overheated gas

Herco is the second innermost and second heaviest planet in the PE31 system. It is believed that it formed somewhere further away from the parent star, but at some point in time it crashed with another massive celestial. The impact caused the de-orbitation of Herco and its' travel to the centre of the system. Planet's rings and the moon Rikkit are most likely the remnants of this catastrophic event.

The closeness to the star, the composition of the atmosphere, as well as the short rotation and orbital periods made this planet extremely hot and windy. The temperature in lower parts of Herco's gaseous envelope reaches around 450℃. Moreover, its' compounds (mainly carbon dioxide & sulfur dioxide) made Herco almost isothermal - the temperature is pretty much constant regardless of the time of a day or location. Enormous thunders ripping the skies apart are not uncommon.

Together with Passor and Santri - Herco holds the title of the Major Planet in PE31 system. Come and see its' yellowish vastness with your own eyes...

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