A violet and violent gas giant

Fippa's highlights

1 day
= 45 hrs

1 year
= 1745 days

465 mil kms

443 mil kms

Gas & Liquid

Rocky (expected)

up to 500 kms/h

Heavy storms
with lightnings

mainly ammonia

carbon dioxide, icy water

Known satellites


Type: Gas Giant

Order: 5th from PE31

Known Satellites: Hipros, Ridel

Mass: 3,13e26kg

Mean Radius: 53 800km

Mean Temperature: -120℃

Fippa: both the beauty and the beast...

Fippa is the fifth planet from the PE31 star. It is ranked fourth in the system in terms of both radius and mass. A day on Fippa has 45 hours, and it takes 1745 days for the planet to travel around the parent star.

This giant is composed primarily of gaseous and liquid matter. Atmosphere is rich in ammonia, which reacts with carbon dioxide and frozen water found in the interior, making for Fippa's spectacular violet feerie of colours. Most likely, a dense rocky core can be found in the heart of the planet, although its' composition remains uncertain.

Fippa's atmosphere is quite unpleasant - winds blowing up to 500km/h carry freezing cold and highly corrosive ammonia clouds. The sky is often torn apart with gigantic lightnings spanning hundreds of kilometers long. Come prepared or don't come at all...

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