The tiniest of them all...

Vindor's highlights

1 day
= 12 hrs

1 year
= 62 days

2,88 mil kms

2,78 mil kms

Crust & Mantle:

Iron (expected)

Hydrocarbonous lakes
on the surface

Tiniest celestial
in PE31H

Parent Planet


Type: Moon, Iron-rich

Parent Planet: Passor

Order: 3rd from the parent

Mass: 1,77e21kg

Mean Radius: 89,8 km

Mean Temperature: -120℃

Vindor: an orbiting petrol station

Third and outermost moon of Passor, the Vindor, is quite peculiar for a number of reasons. It is the tiniest celestial in PE31H system, but not the lightest, due to its' geological composition. Vindor is rich in iron, hence the silverish colour of its' face. Moreover, distinctive and highly reflective black spots on the surface are lakes of liquid hydrocarbons...

Vindor doesn't have its' own atmosphere. Also, it circles around Passor at a distant orbit, so the tidal forces don't affect the moon that much. These conditions make Vindor quite a frigid world.

Why don't you visit Vindor by yourself to see this bizarreness with your own eyes? Just watch out with open flame - hydrocarbons are highly flammable!

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