Mysterious world of soaring crags and lava-glowing valleys

Ridel's highlights

1 day
= 120 hrs

1 year
= 101 days

3,72 mil kms

3,13 mil kms

Insides radiating
out the heat

cragged surface



Parent Planet


Type: Moon, Unknown

Parent Planet: Fippa

Order: 2nd from the parent

Mass: 4,22e21kg

Mean Radius: 477 km

Mean Temperature: 350℃

Ridel: A moon like no other...

Ridel is five times heavier and 30% bigger than Hipros. It travels outmost around the parent planet at a distant orbit, so it is hard to notice its' distinctive features from Fippa's surface.

Pretty much whole of the blackish surface of Fippa's second moon is chapped and intersected with colossal crags, whilst the extensive valleys between them are glowing orange with rugged lakes of lava, flaring up from underneath the Ridel's crust. The Ridel is enveloped with methane atmosphere and sulfuric clouds which are surprisingly similar to to the ones that can be found on Hipros. Taking the distance and geological differences between these two moons into consideration, it is almost impossible for this situation to occur naturally...

Rumors say that Ridel is an alien-infested world and that many strange vessels of unknown origin can be found in its' vicinity. Galactic Space Squadron neither confirms nor denies on these reports.

Spaceships in Astronation world

Currently, there are six types of spaceships available:
Universal, Cargo, Fighter, Recovery, Research and Scout.
Each kind of the vehicle is better suited to complete a set of specific types of missions.