One big scarry piece of rock

Katti's highlights

1 day
= 120 hrs

1 year
= 88 days

9,6 mil kms

8,12 mil kms


Crust & mantle:
Rocky, rich in iron


Bearer of the biggest
impact scar in PE31H

Parent Planet


Type: Moon, Rocky

Parent Planet: Santri

Order: 3rd from the parent

Mass: 7,71e22kg

Mean Radius: 833 km

Mean Temperature: -100℃

Katti: the very edge of PE31H system

Katti is the third and the outermost moon of planet Santri, which makes this celestial the most distant from the host star. Being sligthly smaller than Eir, Katti is the fourth biggest natural satellite in the system. It is almost tenfold heavier than Eir though. More massive than planet Striker, Katti is second heaviest moon of PE31H, which suggests that it has a weighty iron core.

Katti doesn't have its' own atmosphere, so there is nothing to protect it from cosmic bombardments. Multiple impact craters are clearly visible on the surface. One of them, like a gargantuic scar, covers roughly one third of the moon's face. Katti owes its' brownish colour to range of metamorphic rocks, which subjected to substantial heat and pressure (yet another derivation of meteorite showers), displayed their variety of iron content.

Ever thought of pushing your spacecraft to the limits? Why don't you try reaching the limits of PE31H system by the way...

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