The lightest of all the moons in PE31 system

Hipros's highlights

1 day
= 250 hrs

1 year
= 29 days

1,51 mil kms

1,44 mil kms

Crust & mantle:
Mainly silica




Parent Planet


Type: Moon, Rocky

Parent Planet: Fippa

Order: 1st from the parent

Mass: 1,77e21kg

Mean Radius: 376 km

Mean Temperature: 50℃

Hipros: a light moon with heavy case of greenhouse effect

Hipros is the lightest known celestial in the whole PE31 system. Orbiting relatively far away from the parent planet, Fippa, it rotates sluggishly around its' axis.

It has a thick, methane-based atmosphere with sulfuric clouds, causing and reinforcing a runaway greenhouse effect. Mean surface temperature is moderated by the lenghty distance from both Fippa and the PE31 star.

The nature of green and brown features on the surface of Hipros is yet to be confirmed, but for now it is believed that these are the microbes (lifeforms that in this case are not necessarily carbon-based), that formed a moon-wide thriving colony. Potentially, the Hipros' atmosphere is yet another of their creations that impacted the moon as a whole...

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