The moon that took a few serious hits...

Flossit's highlights

1 day
= 30 hrs

1 year
= 24 days

1,52 mil kms

1,45 mil kms


Surface scarred with
massive impact craters



Parent Planet


Type: Moon, Rocky

Parent Planet: Passor

Order: 2nd from the parent

Mass: 8,83e21kg

Mean Radius: 823 km

Mean Temperature: -40℃

Flossit: Survivor of heavy bombardment

Without doubt, Flossit got into some serious trouble at some point of time. A number of substantial meteors reached the surface, leaving massive impact craters clearly visible right at first glimpse.

Flossit has a thin, largely nitrogenous, atmosphere with methane clouds. Loose layer of regolith manifests itself as the atmospheric haze, giving Flossit its' distinctive olive tint. Also, traces of water in solid form can be found on the surface. Most likely, the compounds needed to constitute these features have been brought to the moon by the meteoroids mentioned.

Although the presence of atmosphere and icy water, the second moon of Passor could hardly support human life without heavy terraforming.

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