The moon hotter than hell...

Flamix's highlights

1 day
= 0 hrs

1 year
= 12 days

100 000 kms

70 000 kms

Metallic lava & bazalth ashes

Mantle & Core:
Liquid iron

Tidally locked
with Striker

2nd smallest moon
in PE31H

Parent Planet


Type: Moon, Metallic

Parent Planet: Striker

Order: 1st from the parent

Mass: 9,31e21kg

Mean Radius: 133 km

Mean Temperature: 500℃

Flamix: the moon-sized crucible of iron

It is believed that Flamix was born in cosmic collision of its' parent planet, Striker, with a planetismal. After the impact, remains of both celestials bonded together, creating the hottest moon in the whole PE31H system.

Moon's short orbital period, closeness to, and tidal lock with the parent, causes the heat to build up even more in both the Flamix and the Striker. Because of that, Flamix is basically a blob of molten iron, with bazalth ashes rising up to the surface, differentiating the moon's landscape with mountain-like structures surrounded with basins of igneous lava.

Flamix, exclusive of the PE31H star, is the hottest celestial in the system. Fancy paying it a visit?

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