Unexpected host of humanity's
first base of operations in PE31

Eir's highlights

1 day
= 200 hrs

1 year
= 6 days

342 000 kms

301 000 kms

Crust & Mantle:
Mainly silicates



Magnetic field:

Parent Planet


Type: Moon, Rocky

Parent Planet: Verde

Order: 1st from the parent

Mass: 7,92e21kg

Mean Radius: 869 km

Mean Temperature: -50℃

Eir: the starting point into PE31...

Eir - the biggest of two moons circling around planet Verde... At first glance, a moon like many others: a big piece of cosmic rock, missing its own atmosphere, with powdery gray regolith covering pretty much the entire surface densely scarred with impact craters.

What makes Eir so special in PE31 system is that for whatever reason, the androids tasked with building a colonisation outpost for human settlers to arrive, have chosen this moon as more suitable for the base location than the initial target - the orbit of Verde itself.

The logic behind it is yet to be revealed, as the Earth cannot be contacted... Are you up to running the investigation?

Spaceships in Astronation world

Currently, there are six types of spaceships available:
Universal, Cargo, Fighter, Recovery, Research and Scout.
Each kind of the vehicle is better suited to complete a set of specific types of missions.