Trade Modules

The tools of the trade. Literally...

Trade modules in Astronation world

Currently, there is one type of transport module available:

Whether you have a surplus, or are in need, the Exchange Station will solve your troubles.

XC-1 Exchange Station

Ensuring your base is provided with all the resources needed is crucial to the success of your cosmic venture.

XC-1 gives you the means to set up trade routes to obtain the goods you're short of, or sell the ones you have a surplus of. In both cases - you win!

Tech Specs

Technical details

Name Figure Surface State


Height: 18 m
Radius: 9 m
Mass: 1 200 kg
Composite: GC-2AI
Surface: 2 036 m2
Volume: 7 634 m3
Power: 35 KPa
Heat: 40 K
Energy: 750 A

Spaceships in Astronation world

Currently, there are six types of spaceships available:
Universal, Cargo, Fighter, Recovery, Research and Scout.
Each kind of the vehicle is better suited to complete a set of specific types of missions.

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The story of space recolonization

It is year 2358. Earth is as polluted and overpopulated as never before, resources are pretty much gone, Nature is resisting and people are struggling for survival. Humanity's only hope is to reach for the stars and find a new place they could call home.
Many probes have been sent out in space. Years later, a new planet capable of sustaining human life has been identified in the PE31 system. It is so green it was called 'Verde'.

With the limited resources remaining, in the last heroic spurt, mankind managed to build the Glazier - a vast mothership filled with million of carefully selected settlers. These brave souls have only one substantial mission to fulfill - seed human life in space.
The action begins upon arrival at the orbit of Verde - at first glimpse the grand plan has worked out. But for whatever the reason, the Earth cannot be contacted... Are we alone here?