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The virtual reality world where you can interact in real-time with other inhabitants of an endless star system.

Choose your own path to conquer the cosmos!

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51 material composites known to humans, generating 24 unique, dynamical physical effects.

Thousands of asteroids, hundreds of missions and many celestial bodies to explore.

Spectacular space stations spanning kilometers, supporting space explorers with supplies.

Embrace deep physics

Take a star, add all the other planets and apply gravity... no, that's not enough and Astronation World is much more than that!

Like a space sim, but unlike any other space sim:

  • Orbits: You don't just fly from A to B - you maneuver around celestial bodies.
  • Gravity: You can't just stop, even if you want - as the gravity will affect you.
  • Endless space: everyone in Astronation shares same continuous location and time.
  • Effects: You wield power over kinetic, thermal, electrical and quantum reactions.
  • Composites: You can change the properties of endless combinations of atoms.

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Get your ship together

Brave settler

Apply 'Can do' attitude to any unearthly situation with the proper toolset you just happen to be flying.

Safe trader

Move tons of goods. Don't trouble yourself with pirates once your shields and armor are thick enough!

Genius scientist

Experiment with matter and energy and achieve unbelievable results... Sky was never the limit for you!

Dive Into Astro Mechanics

Your space reputation depends exclusively on the actions you take, and what role you take in the events happening in the world. You'll find here many friendly pilots to cooperate with, but also space pirates that bring chaos and destruction.

Explore the virtual world and the PE31H star system. Farm resources, build asteroid mines, trade and defense systems, produce new items, ships, and more...

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Try it out!

You can board a spaceship provided on the expense of the Galactic Space Squadron and become a part of the virtual world of Astronation today, or you can also optionally support us with your donation.

The story of space recolonization

It is year 2358. Earth is as polluted and overpopulated as never before, resources are pretty much gone, Nature is resisting and people are struggling for survival. Humanity's only hope is to reach for the stars and find a new place they could call home.
Many probes have been sent out in space. Years later, a new planet capable of sustaining human life has been identified in the PE31H system. It is so green it was called 'Verde'.

With the limited resources remaining, in the last heroic spurt, mankind managed to build the Glazier - a vast mothership filled with million of carefully selected settlers. These brave souls have only one substantial mission to fulfill - seed human life in space.
The action begins upon arrival at the orbit of Verde - at first glimpse the grand plan has worked out. But for whatever the reason, the Earth cannot be contacted... Are we alone here?

Astronation's story

Get your dream spaceship

Virtual world of Astronation gives you the flexibility to be who you want to be. It's absolutely up to you on how you want to roll in PE31H system...

Get a spaceship, customize it according to your strategic goals and tactical preferences, then fly it to battle and shoot adversaries out of the sky or move precious goods, experiment, run recovery missions and more.

The existence of settlers in PE31H depends on starbases, clustered so far at the orbit of Eir - one of the planet's Verde moon. Perhaps some day you may wish to own one.

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