The Buildings

Take a look at the Galactic Space Squadron's stock of cosmic modules to build your own starbase from.

Feel free to make a good use of them and pitch in to colonization of PE31 system and ensure survival of mankind.

Buildings in Astronation world

Currently, there are nine types of starbase modules available:

Each module type performs different functions and gives specific capabilities to your base.

Type: Structural

Connectors, Connector Locks

Structural modules are the backbone of every starbase.

Create a frame with these and connect other types of modules to it to become a happy owner of a cosmic real estate.

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Type: Services

Construction Pods, Ship Docks

Service modules extend the spacecraft maintenance capabilities of your starbase.

Attach the ship dock module to your base to enable others docking and repairing their vessels. Get a construction pod and become a spaceship manufacturing tycoon.

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Type: Combat

Guns & Mounts, Shield Generators

The main purpose of combat modules is to protect your base from invaders.

Arrange the gun modules at strategic points of your starbase to blow the opponents out of the sky. Place the shield generators to safeguard vital spots of the base from enemy fire.

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Type: Science

Modules: Research Center

Science modules help you with doing things which you do when you don't know what you're doing - namely: the research.

Build yourself a Research Centre and experiment to obtain better technology, sources of energy and to reveal the nature of universe.

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Type: Support

Modules: Bio & Mech Farms, Power Generators, Habitats, Medical Stations

Support modules are essential for maintaining your starbase's crew and production.

Construct habitats and medstations to grow your base's population. Keep the energy flowing with power generators and obtain resources from bio & mech farms.

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Type: Transport

Modules: Thrusters

Thrusters provide the means to reposition or relocate your base.

Noone likes to be dragged down so stop drifting and start flying after getting the propulsion system your starbase deserves.

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Type: Telecom

Modules: Radars, Antennas, Beacons

Telecom modules help with space monitoring and increase situation awareness.

Equip your starbase with a radar and increase its' range with high-gain antenna to see what's coming your way or set up a stand-alone sentry in remote location to get early warnings.

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Type: Trade

Modules: Exchange Stations

Exchange Stations automate your trade and supply routes.

Get an Exchange Station (or a few) and relieve yourself from dull and boring operational work, like stockpiling or delivering and such...

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Type: Glam

Modules: Displays, Lights

Pesonalize your starbase with the lightning and visual messaging system.

Put the word out with a Starboard Display module to anyone in the vicinity. Light up your base with Lightning modules to make it glow like diamonds.

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Items in Astronation world

Five kinds of interchangeable items enhancing the capabilities of all classes of spaceships: